Out of Control... and it feels so good.

No Causes, no news, no politics. Just tunes...

In today’s day and age where you can’t turn a TV, radio, streaming app, concert, sporting event or gas pump without being bombarded by politics, news, and other world events. Uniting With Music Radio stands as your entertainment oasis. We don’t care what’s going on, who you are, what you did, where you come from. Hell… we don’t even care what you think or like. We’re just here to share and enjoy some music. Press play, crank the tunes, and actually unwind for a change ; we got you.

Stick around, and decompress...

In a world of non-stop interactivity we’re constantly bombarded with making decisions on everything, even your music. Thumbs up-thumbs down? Let it play or skip? Feel the freedom that comes going ‘out of control’. Just hit play, kick back, and enjoy some music discovery/re-discovery. No matter how well versed your musical know-how is UWMR guarantees you’ll hear something you’ve never heard before. Find something actually different for a change

Find a new favorite...

Tired of hearing the same old songs on the radio? Sick of the Music Streaming Overlords just keep recommending the same old thing? Looking for something spice up your personal music collection? Well, that’s where UWMR comes in. All the music you hear on UWMR is selected by actual humans with weird taste in music, for your personal enjoyment. Once you’ve discovered/re-discovered that new band or artist, we encourage you to go dive deeper into their catalog on your favorite streaming app, or go crazy and pick up the album to discover the majesty of the fabled B-side.

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